Ralph Rieckermann Composer – Producer :  At a very early age Ralph demonstrated a natural interest in and an innate aptitude for music. His talents were further advanced, nurtured, channeled and developed by many highly accomplished tutors in a broad range of musical styles. Under their expert guidance and training Ralph began playing the electric bass, guitar, drums and keyboards in his childhood. Then at 16 showing notable skill, he was accepted into one of the most esteemed music conservatories in Germany where Ralph began his most formative education with a complete focus in symphonic and classical music. Thusly combined with his natural gifts, Ralph has been provided the education, experience and foundation to create a multitude of musical styles that span almost all musical genres.



Ralph’s global success began after relocating from Germany to Los Angeles in 1987. With his reputation preceding him, stemming from his innate musical talent and conservatory education Ralph’s abilities were quickly recognized by the local Los Angeles Rock community. In 1991 Ralph was discovered by and joined as the new Bass Player the world famous rock band “The Scorpions”.  During his 12 year career with “The Scorpions”, Ralph recorded 8 gold and platinum awarded albums that sold millions of copies world-wide. Included in Ralph’s many notable contributions to the band was his composition titled “Mysterious” which was to become one of the last most successful publications for the band and went to 3rd on the American charts. “Mysterious” was one of the most successful songs since the band’s legendary title “Winds of Change”.



In 1997 while still touring with “The Scorpions” Ralph was offered his first film score “Lancelot: Guardian of Time” (IMDB), after this first experience in creating the composition for a film, Ralph realized that scoring for cinema would be his new life’s work. With this accomplishment as motivation, Ralph became increasingly more passionate about music for the film industry than touring, and bowed out of the band in 2004 to pursue his new creative passions.  Since leaving the band Ralph has since created more than 42 film scores for feature films and has been responsible for the music supervision for 32 of the productions. With Ralph’s intimate knowledge of  classical music and composition combined with a wide range of talents and tools, Ralph creates scores for many and varied film styles and genres. Utilizing a natural combination of digital and live instrumentation Ralph possesses the creative flexibility and tools to compose for any genre of music from rock to classical. Additionally his current film score “What about Love “ is to be released in 2015 starring Andy Garcia and Sharon Stone.



Over the last ten years Ralph has composed and produced over 2500 tracks which are now available for production music licensing placements in film, television, video, web media, and commercials.  Music supervisors can search his music library at His extensive library covers all genres.


In 2014, Ralph found a new passion in painting and art.  He now has over 100 finished paintings, and many of them are now displayed in various art galleries.  Several celebrities have purchased Ralph Riecckermann’s paintings, as well some Silicon Valley executives. You can see purchase his art by visiting his online art galley website http//



Ralph participated in 8 gold and 7 platinum awarded albums that sold millions of copies world-wide. In film: Ralph has won 3 awards, including Nyciff 2011 Genre Award Best Original Score Ralph Rieckermann / “The Last Gamble’ best composerOther prestigious international awards India ; England : US, Let the Game begin (2009 Park City Film Festival )



Recently, Mr. Rieckermann was introduced by Abida Khan, Asset Manager for TW RUBAN INC NY, to score the new adventure theme for “Wingsuit” produced by Grand Schema NYC with partner and producer Chris Scott, a subsidiary of VGTel 360 Productions.  Also as a prolific painter and artist, Ralph has created an exclusive, “4K Scan, new technology Logo signature painting”, and will be showing his amazing collection of Art pieces and compositions at a signature gallery of choice.



Ralph has been appointed as Advisory Council to our public companies, VGTel, 360 Productions. Ralph will be providing guidance, recommendations and vision from his expertise in film production, music and finance.  VGTel and 360 are producing and making investments in 4K Films new scan and production technologies.  The Advisory Board has been configured to provide safe harbor for executive management to test-drive concepts, options, plans and strategies prior to becoming more realized and definitive entities. Once vetted, productions and options are to be presented to the CEO and a board of directors, this creates a direct benefit to the shareholders.



Mr. Rieckermann’s inspiration comes from leaders such as Mahatma, Gandhi, Albert Einstein, and Salvador Dali. Ralph supports many charities including Children of Hope and Bullets 4 Peace and encourages the youth interns for music film end credits. As part of the joint venture Ralph will be part of the Junior Achievement of San Diego for Financial literacy and music programs for the youth and will be a contributor under the City Finance Endorsers of TW RUBAN INC.